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Trying and failing is key. The story of the unbreakable spirit of one of Scotland’s most important alternative rock bands. This is Layaway” Discovery Music With a foundation of experience in the Scottish music scene and a drive to take sounds into a larger than life realm of alternative rock showmanship, Layaway have earned their stripes as an immersive live band that delivers a sonic boom of emotive alt-rock that is both anthemic and saturated with groove. Fans of Kings of Leon, early Thirty Seconds to Mars and the vocals of Big Country will find their home here. From performing at the world famous Glasgow Barrowland Ballroom, gigging across the UK and doing live sessions at the BBC as well as supporting such acts as Larkins, October Drift, Ist Ist and Scotland’s own Wrest. Years of working hard in the Scottish music scene have allowed a real passion and craftsmanship to go into their live show and songwriting. With previous singles like “A Minute in this World” and “To the Point” gathering national radio play and to be praised with such words as “that’s got anthem written all over it” (Jim Gellattly). Layaway are a band who are ready to accept their position as one of Scotland’s most important Alt rock bands.

"That's got anthem written all over it."
Jim Gellatly - Amazing Radio



Layaway - Gravity (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)
Layaway Official

Layaway - Gravity (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

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All Categories

Layaway - Gravity (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Layaway - By the Light (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Layaway - To the Point (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Layaway - Timekeeper (Official Music Video)


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